We are professional dog trainers who have joined together to provide science-based
ethical and effective training methods for the benefit of all dogs and their families.

About Friends for Life Canine Education Center
We offer a wide variety of training opportunities including Puppy classes and socials, basic obedience, Reactive Dog/Control Unleased, Canine Good Citizen, Rally, Agility, Tricks/Freestyle, Frisbee, Parkour, Private Lessons,
Drop-n-Train, Behavior Counseling and NACSW/AKC nosework.

The facility is fully matted with rubber flooring and is cleaned and sanitized daily.  We also have an exterior training area.
We follow all CDC and local COVID guidlines.
No choke chains, prong collars, head halters or shock collars
allowed on site.
Guaranteed no force, no choke, no shock, no pain
all force-free all the time!


Our Trainers