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6 - Hr. Resource Guarding Workshop w/ Ana Melara CPDT-KA

  • Friends for Life; Holistic Pet Training and Educational Center 30596 BRYANT DR. Evergreen United States (map)

Ana Melara has been working with dogs and their families for over two decades, originally in N.Y.C. and since 2001 here in Colorado.

She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and member of the (APDT) Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a member of (IAABC) International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is TAGteach Certified. (This means that she’s also very good at teaching people.)

This Workshop : Resource Guarding -

What Is Resource Guarding? Resource guarding refers to a dog displaying behavior (growling, snapping, etc.) intended to convince other dogs or humans to stay away from a particular treasure or “resource.”  The resource can be food, treats, toys, a place (a bed or favorite chair), or occasionally a person.  Basically, a resource is anything that is considered by the dog to be of “high value”. Ana will help you using positive steps to resolve these issues safely and gently.

This course is eligible for 6 CCPDT CEUs for CPDT-KA and CPDT- KSA.