Welcome to the Positive / Force Free Trainers Guild

This guild is comprised of a group of talented committed professional dog trainers with many, many years of experience training dogs. All of our trainers use Positive / Force Free training methods. This means, they will not use any method or tool that will physically or mentally harm your dog.

No Pain, No Force, No Fear, No Shock, No Prong , No Choke! Not all trainers who claim to use Positive Reinforcement are the same, some will use tools and methods designed to hurt, scare and intimidate your dog into compliance. Do not be fooled, these methods/ tools are completely unnecessary to accomplish your goals with your dog. Our trainers have the skills, education and experience to help you with any issues or goals you may have for your family pet. We can help with Aggression, Reactivity, Fear, Manners, Obedience, as well as Nose Works, Rally, Tricks, Freestyle, and Agility. We will also be offering many fun and educational seminars! So please sign up for our newsletter The Paw Print for a list of upcoming classes, and events!


Natalie Hawkins CPDT-KA, Founder

Jenn Cunningham FFL-CDT, Founder

Nancy Neafus CNWI, Instructor

Christi Campbell, Instructor

Terri Willson, Instrutor

Amy Fuester CDT, Instructor